Sunday, February 26, 2006


yesterday i had brunch at a charming little establishment in mt. washington where i met up with an old friend from my a cappella singing days. it was good to see him...great, actually. i met him when he was just a freshman in college (i was 23 at the time), and now he's all grown up;).

after hanging out for awhile, we met up with salimah at the one world for some coffee and conversation and then, after hugs and good-byes, we parted ways and salimah and i went off to order her some furniture for her upcoming move, and then we headed off to church.

all i wanted to do was go home and get in bed, so when church was over, we headed home, played a round of trivial pursuit (the pop culture DVD version) and then i sacked out.

i let myself sleep in this morning because i knew i needed some recharge, and once i got up, i made us an omelette with ham, spinach, and cheddar cheese that has caramelized onions in it (oh my, is it good!). then i got to work on some freelance stuff for work.

the day had a few small breaks for meals and to take salimah home, but mostly i've been work, work, working since breakfast. it's now 11 p.m., and i'm just wrapping up for the night. i must admit that in the background for awhile, i had on 'dancing with the stars' because i HAD to see my favorite drew lachey win (which he did!!); i'm such a sucker for 'reality' programming.

anyway, i'm off to bed. tomorrow it all begins again. not really ready for it, per se, but that's how it goes for sunday night, folks....


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