Sunday, February 05, 2006


today i'm supposed to go to ikea and a few other places to try and find some random items i've been needing for awhile. one thing on the 'must have' list is some large-sized frames for some poster art that needs to be hung up. another is a clock for the living room. i'm also going to pick up some paint swatches from home depot so that i can start planning what exactly i'm going to do with my spare bedroom (my current vision is to use it as a crafty room with a table and some type of organizational system for storing all my paper goods, paints, etc. i'm also hoping to find - at some point - a futon or small sofa bed so that i can still entertain overnight guests and have a place to chill in there).

my two top color choices for the walls are either sage green or a very gray-based lavender. i want the room to soothe the nerves. mine are frayed way too often these days.

in other news, i may be rearranging my living room at some point, but i wouldn't encourage anyone to hold any breath over it. all my plans are long-range; i have enough creativity to think on them, but not always enough follow-through to execute right away. but hey, i'm making progress. at least i know where i feel i want to go. and, as the old sage (g.i. joe) once said, 'knowing is half the battle.'

true dat.

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