Thursday, February 09, 2006

it iz what it iz

my life right now is one page after another of words and words and more words that may or may not make sense, but i mark them and move them and move on. and once i'm done reading, there are song refrains that just keep looping and filling up the spaces of dead air in my head.

and in between, there are pockets of being in my apartment, watching tv, talking with the near and dear, dreaming about redecorating, wondering how i'm going to drum up some more biz for myself, dreading the cleaning that perpetually waits, hoping like mad that i win big at the charity bingo this friday nite, sleeping fits and waking up thirsty.

don't get me started on everything. it's ennui and madness all rolled into one. it's lonely and fed up and strangely calm and i don't even know. it's hip-hop and slow groove and country twang and why do these earbuds hurt my freaking ears?

it's where are you and why am i and oh God, i don't even know.

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