Thursday, February 23, 2006

'hi, my name's sarah, and i am a listaholic....'

as i type this, i'm realizing that i'm about to get myself into trouble. there is this thing rising inside of me...this unnameable thing...this thing that drives me to...well...write lists.

i love lists. shopping lists. to-do lists. packing lists. lists of likes/dislikes. give me some lists, people. oh sure, i love well-crafted prose, flowing lines of artistic verbage, etc. but when it comes time for some stuff to get done, give me a list.

and often, even without trying, i will start a list in my head and within about 12 seconds will overwhelm myself and then be forced to distract myself so that i don't think about the list anymore. but yet i always find my way back there.

so just now, before my fingers hit the keys, i was sitting here realizing that i have/want to do the following things (in no particular order):

1. redesign this page
2. paint my spare bedroom
3. buy paint for said bedroom (really, this must go before #2)
4. clean my kitchen
5. file/organize my papers
6. figure out travel arrangements for trip to the west coast this summer/early fall
7. get some start-up stuff done for freelance business
8. decide whether or not i can afford to get highlights in march and then potentially change my hair appointment
9. file my nails
10. call my uncle about an upcoming visit from him and my cousin
11. box up some books i'm not going to read anytime soon
12. rearrange my living room (this one's a maybe)
13. figure out whether it's feasible to buy a tivo anytime in the near future (and if so, buy it)
14. eat dinner

yeah, so i'm sure you can see that there's too much to do and where does one begin and holy cow i'm starting to get overwhelmed just talking about it. this is why it's great for me to have my lists contain one item so that i can accomplish the item and move on to another list. really, though, when your brain works like mine, it's severely hard to keep the list-making at bay.

perhaps i'll start a support group: listmakers anonymous. but that would shoot myself in the foot, right? because that would have to be item 15.

oy vey.

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Devika said...

I'm a listmaker too. I think it can be good. I feel very gratified when I get to cross things off. I think a secret is that 1/3 of your items have to be super-easy, things that you would have done anyway. Hey, we all need encouragement :-)

Monito and I just ordered a TiVo. The unit itself is around $70 and then you can pay as little as $12/month or do a one shot payment for lifetime service.