Monday, February 13, 2006

everybody gotta have a dream....

okay, so my hopes for a weather-free weekend were squelched when 18+ inches fell in my area between saturday and sunday. and even with that ridiculousness, work was fully on time this morning. exqueeze me? baking powder?

yeah, so this weekend was nice nevertheless. after a 2-hour trip to the grocery store on saturday (1 hour or more of which was spent standing in line waiting to pay), salimah and i made it home in the already-falling snow and proceeded to watch movies, eat yummy food (coconut and mango crusted tilapia; frittata with potatoes, sausage, and green onions; pot roast; delectable shrimp salad [if i do say so myself]), and just enjoy one another's company. the movie that i enjoyed in particular was 'hustle and flow.' it took an otherwise disturbing subject and treated the characters with enough respect that you actually felt something for them throughout the film. anyway, i wasn't sure about it at first, but i can honestly say that i really liked it. and furthermore, terrence howard is a good actor!

it was disappointing to see the weekend go, although i'm hopeful for the 50+ degree weather they're calling for by mid-week. i want the snow GONE. do you hear me? GONE.

happy monday! 24 is on tonight:).

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