Sunday, February 26, 2006


yesterday i had brunch at a charming little establishment in mt. washington where i met up with an old friend from my a cappella singing days. it was good to see him...great, actually. i met him when he was just a freshman in college (i was 23 at the time), and now he's all grown up;).

after hanging out for awhile, we met up with salimah at the one world for some coffee and conversation and then, after hugs and good-byes, we parted ways and salimah and i went off to order her some furniture for her upcoming move, and then we headed off to church.

all i wanted to do was go home and get in bed, so when church was over, we headed home, played a round of trivial pursuit (the pop culture DVD version) and then i sacked out.

i let myself sleep in this morning because i knew i needed some recharge, and once i got up, i made us an omelette with ham, spinach, and cheddar cheese that has caramelized onions in it (oh my, is it good!). then i got to work on some freelance stuff for work.

the day had a few small breaks for meals and to take salimah home, but mostly i've been work, work, working since breakfast. it's now 11 p.m., and i'm just wrapping up for the night. i must admit that in the background for awhile, i had on 'dancing with the stars' because i HAD to see my favorite drew lachey win (which he did!!); i'm such a sucker for 'reality' programming.

anyway, i'm off to bed. tomorrow it all begins again. not really ready for it, per se, but that's how it goes for sunday night, folks....


Thursday, February 23, 2006

'hi, my name's sarah, and i am a listaholic....'

as i type this, i'm realizing that i'm about to get myself into trouble. there is this thing rising inside of me...this unnameable thing...this thing that drives me to...well...write lists.

i love lists. shopping lists. to-do lists. packing lists. lists of likes/dislikes. give me some lists, people. oh sure, i love well-crafted prose, flowing lines of artistic verbage, etc. but when it comes time for some stuff to get done, give me a list.

and often, even without trying, i will start a list in my head and within about 12 seconds will overwhelm myself and then be forced to distract myself so that i don't think about the list anymore. but yet i always find my way back there.

so just now, before my fingers hit the keys, i was sitting here realizing that i have/want to do the following things (in no particular order):

1. redesign this page
2. paint my spare bedroom
3. buy paint for said bedroom (really, this must go before #2)
4. clean my kitchen
5. file/organize my papers
6. figure out travel arrangements for trip to the west coast this summer/early fall
7. get some start-up stuff done for freelance business
8. decide whether or not i can afford to get highlights in march and then potentially change my hair appointment
9. file my nails
10. call my uncle about an upcoming visit from him and my cousin
11. box up some books i'm not going to read anytime soon
12. rearrange my living room (this one's a maybe)
13. figure out whether it's feasible to buy a tivo anytime in the near future (and if so, buy it)
14. eat dinner

yeah, so i'm sure you can see that there's too much to do and where does one begin and holy cow i'm starting to get overwhelmed just talking about it. this is why it's great for me to have my lists contain one item so that i can accomplish the item and move on to another list. really, though, when your brain works like mine, it's severely hard to keep the list-making at bay.

perhaps i'll start a support group: listmakers anonymous. but that would shoot myself in the foot, right? because that would have to be item 15.

oy vey.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

a murder of one

i'm working from home today, which turned out to be a great idea, because a) i have a ton of work to do and being at the office is too distracting, and b) i got really sick in the middle of the night last night and, therefore, didn't have the most restful night of sleep.

outside my window, a murder of crows is making the most horrendously loud noise. i swear, those birds have been hanging out around here a lot lately. they were especially obnoxious this weekend during the snowstorm. screeching and swooping. that seems to be all they're good at. oh yeah, and strutting around like they own the place.

anyway, i'm back to work. i'm hoping that some vintage michael jackson can get me through the rest of the morning without having to strangle a bird to death.

Monday, February 13, 2006

everybody gotta have a dream....

okay, so my hopes for a weather-free weekend were squelched when 18+ inches fell in my area between saturday and sunday. and even with that ridiculousness, work was fully on time this morning. exqueeze me? baking powder?

yeah, so this weekend was nice nevertheless. after a 2-hour trip to the grocery store on saturday (1 hour or more of which was spent standing in line waiting to pay), salimah and i made it home in the already-falling snow and proceeded to watch movies, eat yummy food (coconut and mango crusted tilapia; frittata with potatoes, sausage, and green onions; pot roast; delectable shrimp salad [if i do say so myself]), and just enjoy one another's company. the movie that i enjoyed in particular was 'hustle and flow.' it took an otherwise disturbing subject and treated the characters with enough respect that you actually felt something for them throughout the film. anyway, i wasn't sure about it at first, but i can honestly say that i really liked it. and furthermore, terrence howard is a good actor!

it was disappointing to see the weekend go, although i'm hopeful for the 50+ degree weather they're calling for by mid-week. i want the snow GONE. do you hear me? GONE.

happy monday! 24 is on tonight:).

Saturday, February 11, 2006


okay, so between today and tonight, we're supposed to get up to a foot of snow. that's right, ladies and gentlemen, you read it here. actually, unless you're somewhere living under a rock, you've heard about it 100 times over by now....

last night, i went to play bingo for charity with some coworkers. it was looking bleak for me until, about 7 games in, i realized that i was 1 away from bingo, and within 3 seconds of that realization, he called out my number. people, let me tell you: you have never heard 'BINGO' exclaimed with such fervor as how i called it into the echoing hall (okay, i'm being dramatic here, but suffice it to say, it was no small victory). i made my way to the prize table and surveyed the goods that were left. i chose dinner for 2 at gertrude's restaurant at the BMA, which also included 4 passes (i guess those other two losers will have to go home without dinner;)) to the BMA itself and a signed cookbook by maryland chef john shields.

so, after sleeping in a bit later than normal this morning, i'm off to hang out with the illustrious 'kate krupnik' as we await the impending 'frozen tundra,' which, frankly, i'd be lying if i told you i wanted anywhere near me. i mean, really....old man winter, please don't come knocking at my door. i've got too much to do and no time for the likes of your frosty self....

Thursday, February 09, 2006

it iz what it iz

my life right now is one page after another of words and words and more words that may or may not make sense, but i mark them and move them and move on. and once i'm done reading, there are song refrains that just keep looping and filling up the spaces of dead air in my head.

and in between, there are pockets of being in my apartment, watching tv, talking with the near and dear, dreaming about redecorating, wondering how i'm going to drum up some more biz for myself, dreading the cleaning that perpetually waits, hoping like mad that i win big at the charity bingo this friday nite, sleeping fits and waking up thirsty.

don't get me started on everything. it's ennui and madness all rolled into one. it's lonely and fed up and strangely calm and i don't even know. it's hip-hop and slow groove and country twang and why do these earbuds hurt my freaking ears?

it's where are you and why am i and oh God, i don't even know.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


today i'm supposed to go to ikea and a few other places to try and find some random items i've been needing for awhile. one thing on the 'must have' list is some large-sized frames for some poster art that needs to be hung up. another is a clock for the living room. i'm also going to pick up some paint swatches from home depot so that i can start planning what exactly i'm going to do with my spare bedroom (my current vision is to use it as a crafty room with a table and some type of organizational system for storing all my paper goods, paints, etc. i'm also hoping to find - at some point - a futon or small sofa bed so that i can still entertain overnight guests and have a place to chill in there).

my two top color choices for the walls are either sage green or a very gray-based lavender. i want the room to soothe the nerves. mine are frayed way too often these days.

in other news, i may be rearranging my living room at some point, but i wouldn't encourage anyone to hold any breath over it. all my plans are long-range; i have enough creativity to think on them, but not always enough follow-through to execute right away. but hey, i'm making progress. at least i know where i feel i want to go. and, as the old sage (g.i. joe) once said, 'knowing is half the battle.'

true dat.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

'i gave her my heart; she gave me a pen....'

yeah, except in my case, it was a piece of chocolate. and it was a 'he' and not a 'her.' whatever.

oh, dear readers, if only you knew how much i have bottled up inside right now. if you only knew....