Tuesday, December 13, 2005

okay, okay, so it's been forever. sorry about that. i've been in a haze, i think. let's see. what's new?

1. i got new glasses. they're fabu. i can actually see better now:).

wait, i thought there was going to be a list, but then i realized that absolutely nothing of interest has happened in my life over the last several weeks. i'm just gearing up for a weekend of holiday baking. and speaking of baking, i just finished my cake decorating class (pics may be forthcoming). it was actually really fun. i may need to take the second level (there are three total in the wilton series). i've gotten a lot of compliments on the three creations i've brought in to work, so who knows? i could make some moula off of this interest at some point....:)

christmas is just around the corner. a bare tree stands in my living room. pretty par for the course these days.

'tis the season to be something or other. i'm not sure what. but one thing i do know: Jesus has to be the reason, or there's really no reason at all....

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Tim said...

merry christmas, sarah!