Saturday, December 31, 2005

and now, the end is near....

it's official: 2005 is just about 14 hours from being over. can i be honest? i'm relieved....

this year has seen its share of heartaches, not just for me and for my immediate friends, but for the entire world community. tsunami. hurricanes. terrorist attacks. mass devastation. political upheaval. war. the end of eras - both relational and otherwise. many would say that these are signs of the end times. some may be right.

but really, every day is one step closer to 'the end': the longer you live, the closer you get. but even with that understanding, every new year's eve holds inside of itself the totality of all that has come and gone in the previous 364 days - along with the possibility that, come tomorrow, things can be different for us. we get the chance to start over, to reinvent ourselves, to pass through another 365 days and maybe make it without too many tears or too much tragedy.

i'm not going to make any proclamations about what i will accomplish this year. i know myself well enough to know that doing such a thing often sets me up to fail. i will only say this: for the new year, i have hope. there dwells in my heart the trembling possibility that when i reach this day in 2006, my life will not look like it does right now. heck, perhaps even i will not look like i do right now. and today i will bow my head in prayer for all the people in this world who are beginning their 2006 still very much in the throes of a devastating reality. my hope for them is that they would draw from God's strength and love for them - to rise above their circumstances and be at peace.

tonight i will spend my new year's with my best friend - counting my blessings (which, really, are so many). we plan on catching a movie and probably dinner (not necessarily in that order), but first we have a bit of shopping to do and tooling around town.

i'm choosing to dwell in today. in thankfulness. in possibility.

happy new year's, everyone. may your 2006 bring you joy.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

joy is born this day

Jesus, on this day that we celebrate Your birth, I pray You would reign in us -- in our thoughts, our hearts, our circumstances, our world. be close to those who have lost their way, to those who are sick or hungry or hurting. have mercy on our nation for all that takes place here every minute of every day -- in all the ways that we dishonor You.

help us to understand the miracle of Your love for us. a love so great that it caused You to humble Yourself and take the form of the least of us that we might become great in You. may the silence of that moment, the peace and wonder of that child, quiet our hearts this day.

may the peace of His love comfort you. may you know His presence. may you glimpse His glory. may joy be born in you this day.

merry CHRISTmas.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

okay, okay, so it's been forever. sorry about that. i've been in a haze, i think. let's see. what's new?

1. i got new glasses. they're fabu. i can actually see better now:).

wait, i thought there was going to be a list, but then i realized that absolutely nothing of interest has happened in my life over the last several weeks. i'm just gearing up for a weekend of holiday baking. and speaking of baking, i just finished my cake decorating class (pics may be forthcoming). it was actually really fun. i may need to take the second level (there are three total in the wilton series). i've gotten a lot of compliments on the three creations i've brought in to work, so who knows? i could make some moula off of this interest at some point....:)

christmas is just around the corner. a bare tree stands in my living room. pretty par for the course these days.

'tis the season to be something or other. i'm not sure what. but one thing i do know: Jesus has to be the reason, or there's really no reason at all....