Sunday, May 29, 2005

without a hitch

well, my ever-argumentative uncle showed himself faithful to his own tendencies, but he actually ignored me completely, not acknowledging my presence one time. i suppose i should be thankful, but if i'm being honest, i found that completely rude. oh well....

other than all that, the evening in pa turned out pretty well. after a rather early dinner of bbq chicken, some lovely potato salad with a vinagrette dressing, a green salad with lots of dried fruit, spanakopita (divine), and two kinds of cake, we all wandered out to the patio (my aunt and uncle have a lovely home with 20 acres of green surrounding them) and drank liqueur (limoncello for me) while wrapped up in blankets (it had gotten a bit chilly after a thunderous downpour in the afternoon) and laughed and talked.

the evening rounded out around 11, shortly after michael played his horn for awhile, much to the delight of my family, and then we headed off to our hotel for bed. this morning was brunch with just my aunt, uncle (not the boisterous one), cousin, and parents, and then we headed back home. the afternoon was just gorgeous - perfectly sunny, cool, and with lovely clouds that lent themselves to gazing and imagining dragons and baby elephants.

upon my return back to charm city, i picked up my partner in crime (that would be salimah) and we feasted on tony roma's for dinner and then had a brief (although mostly unsuccessful) shopping stint at the hecht's nearby.

tomorrow, i'll head off to a party in the afternoon with the gent, and then hopefully build up the courage to cancel my cable later on in the day.

tonight i look forward only to the sweet rest i'll have in the cool night air. i love three-day weekends. one day left, and i'm going to milk it for all it's worth....


Anonymous said...

curiosity made me do a search on my mother's name. Sammie Joy. Your Blog entries from 2002 has that name in many places. How is the name Sammie Joy connected to you. This is so unusual that I must ask.
Thanks for your response
Sammie Joy's oldest daughter.

Anonymous said...

should have left a contact info.

Tim said...

hey sarah, just thoguht i'd drop a line to say hi!