Monday, January 24, 2005

snow and snuggling

i had a positively peachy weekend. after i got to hang out with salimah on friday night, michael was gracious enough to take her home in the snow on saturday morning. then, after getting some videos for us to watch, he came back to my house and we hunkered down and watched the snow rush its way to the ground. the storm, in my opinion, didn't last nearly long enough.

i made us fajitas for dinner and we mixed up a batch of delicious, hearty 'cowboy cookies' - basically, a melange of some whole wheat pastry flour, oatmeal, chocolate chips, walnuts, and the basic butter/sugar/egg/vanilla combination. SO good and so filling! we watched spiderman 2 and part of total recall (who remembered that the acting in this movie truly sucked? i guess i should have known better with the one-two punch of arnie and sharon stone!) and around 12:30, we crumped out (we had already planned he would stay over since i have a guest room and there is no reason he needed to be risking his life getting home in the frozen tundra).

in between the food and the snowfall, we just spent time talking and enjoying each other's company while keeping warm under blankets and with mugs of hot cocoa pressed to our palms. i love being with michael; he soothes my soul....

it was hard to let him go sunday evening, but given the fact that we have somewhat separate lives to lead, parting was inevitable. as i closed the door after him, i couldn't help but wish that he didn't have to go home. or, rather, that he was already there...with me.

but yes, i know, some day he will be....

oh, and to add even more magic to the moment, when i went outside this morning to leave for work, not only had the man removed every bit of snow from my car, but he also shoveled a pathway from the door of my apartment to the door of my vehicle...just for me. have i mentioned that my boyfriend is the best?!

it was too bad, really, that i had to go to work today; it would have been another perfect day for napping and sinking under blankets with my favorite man. here's hoping that the next time snow hits charm city, we're socked in for good....

a girl can dream, can't she?:)

Thursday, January 20, 2005

rachael ray is making huevos rancheros in the next room and i'm sitting in my office trying to ignore the fact that i can hear the tv of the lady downstairs. what REALLY interests me right now, however, is the super delish meatloaf i have in the oven; i put a sweet, tomato-y glaze on it with a slight teriyaki nuance. the smells coming from my kitchen are quite heavenly just now. i have nothing much to eat alongside it, but i don't care so much. i may just be eating meat for dinner tonight:)

i'm hoping that an evening of junk TV and an early tuck-in will even things out. and then if the snow is held at bay, this weekend promises a somewhat 'meet the fockers' experience. stay tuned....

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

back in the land of the living....almost

i've been rather out of commission for awhile now. yes, i's not my preference to leave this much time between blog postings. please forgive. the sickness had overwhelmed me.

i'm feeling much better, although not completely well yet. my voice is still going in and out, the cough is still a bit hacky, and my energy level is still rather low. but other than that, i'm holding my own. in fact, i can almost completely taste food again!

in other news, michael bought me a gazelle power plus machine this weekend and i've already got it set up in my office for when my lung capacity is fully back to normal. truth be told, i'm already using it a bit, but i'm keeping it to a few minutes at a time until i build my endurance back up. it's pretty fun to use and more of a workout than it seems it would be. i'm hoping to work my way up to using it 4 times a week. we'll see how that goes!

also, salimah and i went shopping yesterday at hecht's and exchanged a coffee maker she had gotten me for christmas and instead got me a new set of knives:). i can't tell you how long i've been needing decent knives, and this particular set comes with a free santoku knife - which i've also been wanting for quite awhile! i also got two fabulous handbags and matching wallets, along with some facial moisturizer and a new mousepad.

and now that i have detailed all my purchases for the rest of the world, i'm going to eat some coconut shrimp and rice for dinner and then watch my very favorite addiction for two whole hours. *sigh* mediocre talent and fried seafood - BRING IT ON!


Tuesday, January 04, 2005


this is what it feels has been rubbed across my throat. i mean really. it's so scratchy and raw. i'm in agony. and the cough. barking, dry, constant. making the sandpaper feeling more pronounced.

oh, and to make matters worse, it's a virus:(. this means that i got no antibiotics of any kind, but i did get codeine, folks. that's right. sweet elixir of sleep, come to me and sing me your songs of happiness....

sorry, did i mention that i've already taken a dose?:)

i've made the difficult decision to stay home from work again tomorrow. i've been deliberating and torturing myself about it all evening, because i feel so bad to miss three days, and yet i'm so incredibly worn out and airheady, i don't feel like i have anything to offer from a work (or personal) standpoint anyway. but my discomfort and exhaustion have won out and i'm going to have to take my chances that all will work out.

i hope....
the winter of my discontent?

i must admit, this year has started off rather uneventfully for me. well, if by uneventful, i mean getting reamed out by my drunken uncle at the dinner table in front of my boyfriend and entire family (technically that was still in 2004, but it was new year's weekend, so i'm counting it), eating a scrumptious meal at roy's restaurant - part of which made me nearly weep (it was that good), a nasty and rather annoying throat/chest cold and upset stomach that have waylayed me for my first two days back to work in the new year (yeah, now THAT's a good way of looking impressive with the boss, sar!)....hmm. is that all? yeah, that'll do it for now.

oh yeah, and now i'm addicted to 24. michael had me watch the entire 3rd season with him on dvd over the break, and it hooked me in so fast; i'm going to have to get the first 2 seasons to round out the storyline fully, but suffice it to say that the 4th season can't come quickly enough to my netflix queue....why does he do these things to me?!

other than all of that, i'm feeling rather down in the dumps. being sick in the new year stinks. i'm heading off to the doctor this afternoon; i think i'd better start on some antibiotics before whatever's in my throat gets any worse. i feel the need to get back on the horse about everything in my life. the holidays are always an exciting time, but the aftermath of blah often makes it seem that they weren't quite worth all their hype. i badly need groceries and clean laundry and vacuumed carpets.

but all of that can wait; what i shall have now is a hot shower and some tea. and perhaps toast or something equally benign. i'm trying to learn not to get too ahead of myself these days. one step at a time. one wool socked foot in front of the other. down the hall. wash my troubles down the drain....