Monday, September 13, 2004

southland in the springtime

last monday (labor day), as i sat in tony roma's eating some rather delicious ribs, i had a truly genius idea: make a sweeping road trip tour of the south in order to seek out the best bbq in tennessee. frankly, ideas like this come to me all the time; this one, i voiced out loud. salimah, who was sitting across the table from me, finger deep in sauce heartily growled out her reply in between bites...something to the effect of 'oh YEAAHHH.'

you see, we are carnivores. straight to the core. i apologize to all you who feel that beef and pork and chicken are off limits. not me, man. i am altogether into meat. in fact, i feel ill if i don't eat it at least once a day. (i prefer twice, but who are we kidding? sometimes, this isn't possible.) the thought of driving a couple thousand miles to eat some ribs in memphis, sitting in a blues club, with elvis souvenirs stuck in my suitcase (well, you CANNOT go to memphis and not visit graceland, can you?!) seems perfectly logical to me.

so, memphis it is. and then, if we're feeling spunky, we'll swing east and go to savannah, taking a chance to meet our favorite southern cooking lady, see all the weeping willows and the grand, sweeping front porches, drink sweet tea, and see what 'midnight in the garden of good and evil' was REALLY all about.

in short, i'm psyched. grill them piggies up. come springtime, we goin' south!!

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