Friday, September 17, 2004

i knew i should have stayed in bed.

my morning began with me stumbling out of bed groggily towards the bathroom and soundly slamming my left arm into the corner of my dresser, removing a half-inch strip of skin in the process. i rubbed it briskly to try and stop the searing pain before stepping into what turned out to be too-hot water, which slightly scalded my still-groggy self.

and all of this was before 7 a.m.

the whole day at work, i felt stiff and sore and generally sad for no real reason, and this was followed by some personal conflict, the details of which i will not discuss here. and did i mention that i lost a part of my cell phone earpiece? grrrrr!!!

suffice it to say that the events of this day have left me feeling annoyed, frustrated, still sore, and generally grumpy. pardon my complaining, but sometimes a bit of a rant is in order.

okay, well, /rant.

and i'm out.

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