Sunday, August 29, 2004

i'm hot

i mean, really, i'm burning up. sweating, even. and my a/c is set to a crisp 70 degrees. but i am seriously so hot. and i'm not really running a temperature. and i'm not wearing heavy clothes. and i'm drinking lots of water. what is going on with me??

now, in other news, the soap at work is eating the skin off my hands. they are literally peeling. this means, of course, that i'm going to have to be a nerd and bring my own soap to my job so that i can manage the situation without too much of a problem. additionally, i will be swathing myself in lotion four to six times an hour to try and manage the fact that my skin is disappearing from my hands. it's traumatic, really.

and that, combined with the fact that i'm ridiculously hot, must tell you how i'm feeling just now.

things, needless to say, have felt better....

and YET i got to see my parents today. salimah and i drove to tyson's corner early this afternoon and met up with mom and dad at maggiano's and had a lovely lunch. we then went to williams-sonoma (sigh) and procured a few very-on-sale items and made our way back to charm city via 7-11 for some water (did i mention how hot i am and that being hot makes you really thirsty?).

i then spent the evening with michael:) and we watched the movie 'identity,' which, let me say it, FREAKED ME OUT.

so now i'm contemplating bed...or an ice bath...or both, and i'm hoping that me and my very warm and very lotioned self can make it through the day tomorrow without sweating or having any weird movie flashbacks (good film, but rather unnerving).

the good news is, however, that i will be having some quiche lorraine for lunch tomorrow (two words: buttery crust!) and salimah's birthday is next weekend (yay!). here's hoping you all make it through without a case of the mondays!!

and i'm out.

Monday, August 23, 2004

'looks like we made it....'

pardon me for not writing in here for awhile, but i did indeed make it through my first week of work!! the people at my office are just as nice as they can be, and all week long, different people came to check on me and make sure i was hanging in there. plus, there is a full, macked-out kitchen with two fridges and an ice maker!! basically, i'm in heaven:)

and my weekend was nice, although not long enough. i spent time with friends, ate some good food, and made a DELICIOUS blueberry pie. holy cow! and i got to be with michael, which is always a special part of any day....:)

so, it's monday and the work week has started over. it's looking very busy up ahead, and i'm praying to the Lord that i'll get some good rest this week. oh, and as an added bonus, i just learned that peapod is delivering in baltimore now, so i've got groceries on their way to my house this evening:).

and one more thing: my apologies to barry manilow....

Sunday, August 15, 2004

to begin again....

for the last week, i have been slowly picking away at my very long to-do list and, with the help of some trusted friends, i have made some real, measurable progress on my apartment & my life. here, in no particular order, are the items that i can now, with great relief, cross off the list:

1. rearrange/organize china cabinet (add a shelf)
2. rearrange/organize/clean out laundry room/pantry
3. rearrange/organize/clean out office closet
4. rearrange bookshelves
5. pare down book collection
6. rearrange bedroom
7. clean my bathroom
8. clear off and condition wood sideboard in kitchen
9. organize pots, pans, and baking dishes
10. rearrange living room furniture
11. dust and vacuum like crazy
12. order some clothes using online gift certificates
13. go clothes shopping to procure items for new job

and here is what i have left to do:

1. organize and vacuum my office
2. file papers (see #1)
3. clean kitchen sink
4. finish helping michael sort and organize his business papers

as soon as i finish this blog posting, i will be working towards accomplishing items 1 and 2. i want to get as much done today before i pass out this evening.

and tomorrow....

i start my new job:). i will get a full paycheck in two weeks (thank you, Jesus!) and my health insurance (100% paid) begins september 1. and hopefully, within a few weeks, i will have a second part-time job lined up (must. pay. off. debt.) and then i will be set to have a firm schedule, with many extraneous tasks off my somewhat cluttered mind.

i know that all this time, i have been going on about the business of my life, but much of my 'business' has been internal. now is the time for me to clear my plate, as it were, to dust and vacuum and sweep out the clutter that is continuing to hold me back. there is more ahead of me, more tasks to accomplish, more goals to set and realize. and i am moving one step at a time towards the life i should be living.

sometimes there are years of buildup in our hearts and minds and souls. but praise be to God that He gives us the tools and the strength and the FRIENDS to walk through those things and out into freedom. i feel like i've been given another chance....another opportunity to make things right.

i'm resting on your grace, dear Jesus. and i'm holding onto your word, which tells me that your mercies are new every morning. and so, i am here at the start of the next phase. another chance to step forward, to be stronger...

to begin again....

Friday, August 13, 2004


i am enamored of single trees. not single socks or single donuts...not single most things. but single trees. for some reason, my breath always catches in my throat when i drive by a field and see one, lone tree, with nothing to distract it from its straining skyward.

the other afternoon, i was driving home in the bright sunshine that comes only after a torrential downpour. the mist was rising off the pavement, and everything was glistening and hazy. i was struck by how staggering the earth looked, how fresh, how clean. somehow, even the people i saw looked a little less smudged and tarnished, less dusty from their days.

that is the way that God likes us. cleaned off, undistracted and straining towards Him. it must be staggering to see it from His point of view...much more so, even than from mine....

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Friday, August 06, 2004


the view from my office window

the breeze is simply yummy today. quite cool, just how i like it. it's making me want to bake something. perhaps a cake is in order....yes, i think a lemon one with triple sec/vanilla frosting will do. and then perhaps some italian food (meatballs with pasta and homemade sauce) for dinner. i need to reconnect with my kitchen. i feel we've been out of synch.

in other news, i'm running a load of laundry and contemplating lunch (leftovers from last night, most likely). i should do a bit of shopping at some point this weekend. i need to pick up some fresh veggies and a few other dairy items.

i'll be meeting some friends for lunch tomorrow at la madeleine. such a throwback to my time in monty county. i am looking forward to tomato basil soup and some kind of puff pastry number.

now i'm off to throw my clothes in the dryer and plot out the rest of my afternoon....

did i mention that i love time off?!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

go figure

i've just finished a small plate of chicken with mushrooms in wine sauce over pasta (made by yours truly) and i've got a blueberry/peach/apricot crisp in the oven (about which i'm feeling rather psyched), but i must say: something ain't right. i was so hungry earlier that i felt this weird pain inside (and not just hunger - beyond that), but then just before eating, i felt really ill suddenly and not in the mood to ingest any food.

honestly, i don't think things have been quite right since that whole 'stomach flu debacle.'

but hey, i'm a trooper, and i'm supposing that a bit of vanilla ice cream and some baked fruit won't be hard to choke down....i know, it's rough, but someone's gotta do it. might as well be me....:)

having just paid my exhorbitant insurance bill, i am now sitting at my desk trying to decide what part of my apartment will get my attention today.  i have about 10 days off before i start my new job(!!!), so i'm trying to use the time wisely.

i just have this need to want to be more settled and arranged before things start getting too busy for me to see straight

hmm...i'm thinking that the closet in my office is whining for some serious attention....

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

road trip

i managed to take no actual pictures of richmond this past weekend, but here were a few shots from the car ride up and back. enjoy!

it's enough to be on your way....

there were three trees in a field....the father, the son, and the holy spirit:)

these clouds were magnificent. really. this picture does no justice to them.

i am sorry to say that i missed taking a picture of this humped animal that i prayed was a llama (instead of something deformed and likely shunned by its fellow pasture-dwellers). i also missed getting a shot of this cute little church that would be perfect for a fall wedding. oh, yes, and i completely and utterly forgot to take pics of my parents and their beautiful new house. oh well. next time:)....