Monday, October 28, 2002


i spent SO many hours working on my collage, but yesterday around 6:00 pm, i finally finished. i must say that i'm rather pleased with the final result. i wish there were some way to get a picture of it and stick it on here, but a) i have no digital camera and b) as of this date, i have no image hosting. i'm a bit too cheap right now to upgrade to some higher version of blogger. besides, with all the problems they've been having here of late, i'm reserving making any changes until a few more things are resolved service-wise....

today i will brave the pain of driving my beloved tennyson in order to trek down to silver spring for some appointed obligations. i think it'll feel nice to get out in the air, even as cold as it is....i plan on stocking my cd changer with some good tunes to keep me entertained for my 20-some mile drive. then, upon my return home, i will eat a quick dinner and await the arrival of three fine gentlemen whose sole purpose for visiting is to discuss, in great detail, God's plan for all of humanity, as outlined in the first book of the old testament.

okay, i'm getting just plain silly in my speech now....i think my blood sugar is a bit low. feeling swoony. must seek nourishment.


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