Friday, October 18, 2002

letting the mind wander is a dangerous thing....

i want a house with a big, not a big kitchen - a gargantuan kitchen. with at least one island. and tons of counter space. and cabinets that are both plentiful and easy to access. lazy susans. pull out shelving. a rack to hold all my frequently used pots and pans. stainless steel appliances. restaurant quality gas range with built-in grilltop and griddle (and a good quality hood to take away the smoke). ice maker with water dispenser in the fridge. sharp knives. lots of fun gadgets - including heat-resistant spatulas, a salad spinner, and a cheese grater that actually works. spices in labeled stainless steel tins - all organized on their own special rack. a quiet-as-a-whisper dishwasher. more than one sink, both with nifty, convenient faucets and those little spray attachments. all my fun toys on the countertops - cuisinart, rice cooker (preferably with a locking top that actually keeps rice warm without drying it out), kitchen-aid mixer. some kind of wine rack built into something. well-placed wood shelves for all my cookbooks. big windows. lots of light. a wrap-around bar so that family and friends can chat and eat while i cook.

yeah. now all i need is a house and the money to pay for all of that.....yeah.....or maybe a show on the food network? NOW i'm talking;)

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