Wednesday, October 09, 2002

i need to bake some banana bread. i've got 4 bananas that are seriously hanging in the balance between ripe and rotten. i don't know what's holding me back. i have all my ingredients (including some baking soda and a bread pan, thanks to michael and aaron), but apparently it takes motivation that i have yet to muster today. i just hate to see things go to waste....must get off my duff and go do it!

in other news, sammie joy came home with this excellent nail polish yesterday that i am really looking forward to trying. the color name is 'black raspberry'...doesn't that just sound like something excellent? it's this deep crimson color....very nice but not vampish. good combo:)

i also need to make some pasta sauce....going to do some spicy sausage in this one. i set it out to defrost in the fridge the night before last, so it should definitely be ready to go at this'll be all about the meat, some onions and peppers (i've gotten into the habit now of roasting my own over the gas burner) and perhaps olives - they add a nice little 'something'.... in my opinion, linguine is the only way to go if you're talking long, thin pasta. spaghetti's not quite there and fettucini's a little much. it's all about hitting the middle of the road with this one in terms of thickness.... yes, i know. i think way too much about stuff like this sometimes.....but believe me, it's better than a lot of alternatives upon which i could be focusing my mind!

it's too bad i don't have any ground beef. i could actually get into making some meatballs today. ah well....

i'm in the process of making a collage on sadness....not the easiest thing to do. i think i need some other magazines. the ones that salimah has are filled with these smiling, perky models. that won't do. is there any periodical that portrays the muck and misery of life?? if not, i'd be willing to settle for something just left of smiling and perky.....

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