Monday, October 07, 2002

i have nothing left in me right now. i had an emotionally draining monday, as all mondays are for me. i just got home and i'm tired and hungry. all i could do was sob all the way up 95 and hope that God kept me from crashing my car. but this song kept running in my mind, and i sang it, choking on my words and the tears that drenched my face....

draw me close to You; never let me go.
i'd lay it all down again to hear you say that i'm Your friend.
You are my desire; no one else will do.
nothing else could take Your place - to feel the warmth of Your embrace.
help me find a way; bring me back to You.....

You're all i want
You're all i've ever needed
You're all i want
help me know You are near....

Jesus, in your near to me this night....and there are four women that are on my mind. let them feel your peace, because i know that they don't....i know that i don't.

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