Monday, October 07, 2002

checking in

last night i dreamed that jackie chan and i were on the run from samuel l. jackson (i believe that's who it was, anyway). but in a strange twist of events, at the end of the dream, i realized that jackie had been the bad guy all along, and just as i was encouraging jackie to shoot samuel l. jackson (whose head i was holding onto with one of my hands), i was able to discern that samuel was on my side. so he shot jackie, and all was least for the moment. it was then that i realized that, while i was out of the woods, this other guy i knew (who was a cross between michael's roommate aaron and my friend derrick) wasn't, and i had to tell him to run to my counselor's house so that he could seek refuge with her and her brood of kids and grandkids. finally, my mother shows up and tells me to meet her at the barnes and noble in downtown richmond so that we can 'talk things through'. i agree and then proceed to start the car with both my key and a slab of bacon.

i won't bore you with the rest of the dream. that slab of bacon pretty much says it all....the subconscious mind is a fascinating thing.

i have a lot on my mind today, but i'm not really in 'sharing' mode, per se. my weekend was relatively uneventful. i attended a conference on saturday that focused on the issue of shame - specifically dealing with shame and moving into the realm of experiencing God's grace and peace. it was quite good, but it also made some truths stand out sharply in relief - of things with which i need to deal in order to move on with my life. i will discuss this more at a later time....

in any event, it's monday morning and His mercies are new all over again.....

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