Tuesday, September 17, 2002

'i believe the children are our future....'

last night i dreamed i was singing whitney houston's 'greatest love of all' while sammie joy accompanied me on the piano. very strange. i believe i was preparing a little something to sing for some kind of program (someone's wedding or funeral, i believe), and that was the first song that popped into my head. she kept asking me if i thought it was appropriate, but i was dead-set on doing the song. i remember finding it amazing that she could suddenly play the piano - and transpose the song into a lower key to boot.

who even knows what all that means?

in other news, my yearly eye-tearing has begun. i am not even joking about this. each year, around early to mid-september (bingo! right on time!), my right eye begins to just run. pretty much all the time. seemingly without reason. and it doesn't stop until it starts getting cold outside. apparently, my eye has decided to make its own way of remembering fall. while i don't begrudge it for being a free-thinker and for doing its own thing - because i'm sure that it has its reasons - i would prefer if it would choose a different method of celebration. i've come to the conclusion that, as i get older, i'm slowly becoming more and more allergic to things....i wonder what's next.

i'm off to richmond for the night. michael is auditioning with the richmond symphony tomorrow and i'm going with him, since it is, after all, my old stomping grounds....

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