Wednesday, May 08, 2002

well, today was an unusual day in that i didn't post anything in the blog. i'm not sure why, really. i wasn't feeling the 'computer vibe' today, i guess. tomorrow should be a rather busy day. i have bible study in the morning (which, Lord willing, i shall be getting up in plenty of time to attend!) at 9:30 and then lunch with sammie joy and her co-worker aileen at 'that's amore!'. in the late afternoon, i'm supposed to see my friend kim (aka daphne, but that's an entirely different story) and then attend a small group with michael in the evening.

i've been in a serious funk all day. last night, it was all about insomnia, and i suffered greatly for it today. i refused to allow myself to sleep in this morning, because i wanted to be good and tired to go to bed tonight. well guess what? i'm not in ANY way sleepy. {sigh} God, please help me to rest.....

on a positive note, i got most of my laundry done tonight and in a rare move of proactivity on my part (this has been quite difficult for me of late), i actually folded everything and PUT IT AWAY {cheers erupt from the crowd}......thank you thank you {bows}:) i feel quite satisfied with myself. frankly, you're probably thinking i'm a freak for congratulating myself for doing laundry. believe me. if you were inside my brain right now, you'd think that was pretty excellent, too....

so that's my story for today, and, as ever, i'm sticking to it.....good night world. i'm off to drink some H2O and make an attempt at restfulness. will report back tomorrow (or later today, i should say) on how successful my mission really was.


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