Sunday, May 05, 2002

okay, tonight i conducted a culinary experiment. we had pecan-encrusted chicken that had been marinated in a jack daniels, molasses, mustard glaze. it turned out okay, but i have to figure out a way to get the pecans to stick to the chicken before i bake them. anyway, how important is that really? not so much....

been thinking about the whole concept of KNOWING one's self. i realized that there is so much about myself that i don't even really give much thought to on a regular basis....and the things that i tend to focus on are not really the things that matter the most. i need to spend more time alone and figure out what i really think about some things. it's strange. i've deceived myself into believing that i'm really aware of my own needs, desires, etc. and yet i know this isn't the case. i was telling michael tonight that i'd really love to be able to have a healthy awareness of myself in such a way that it allows me to live my life to the fullest in the manor in which God would have me live it. to know Christ is the truest freedom, and i am not even able to fully grasp it until i come to terms with where i fit into that whole picture. of course scripture tells me who i am in Christ, but there is more to me than the sense that God creates each of us to be a unique individual, and the things that make me ME are the things i need to know.

but i digress....

another thing: why is it that every time i go to the grocery store i can never spend less than 75 or 80 bucks? this happens at target as well. it's like there's some huge magnet sucking the money out of my wallet (or salimah's, as the case was today:)). but at least we have some food in the house....for now anyway:)

i need to get up early in the a.m.. must sleep. will try to have something more meaningful to say tomorrow.

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