Monday, May 06, 2002

okay, how ridiculous is this? the list i made last week - the one of those 17 things i need to get done? i've only done ONE of the things on it. gee whiz....

anyway, today i'm going to accomplish at least 1 more, if it's the last thing i do....and i want to take a walk later. the weather's been SO nice lately, other than the fact that the pollen occasionally disturbs my sinus condition. but hey, it's the mid-atlantic. allergies abound down here, from what i've been told.

i was informed today by sammie joy that our friend cat has made it her life's goal to get onto my blog. catherine, if you're reading this, YOU ROCK, my friend:) have i made your day?? i hope so:)

watching 'the pelican brief' last night definitely affected my dreams (clearly, i'm on a kick with this whole dream thing). it was all about some stuff bursting into flames....the TV, i think. that's symbolic. i AM thankful that, although i'm home a good bit of the time these days, i'm NOT filling my brain with much in the way of television programming. maybe that's why i've been spending so much time working on my website, etc. hmm....must think about this. must evaluate whether this is good....

quote of the day: "that's a COHHHHHSSSSBY SWEATTTTTUHHHHH!" if you're a total smartypants and know from which movie this was taken, e-mail me here.

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