Wednesday, May 08, 2002

it's 8:45 and i'm AWAKE and feeling pretty well, actually, so for all you people who are even remotely interested in my daily schedule, this means that i will be making it to my bible study at 9:30. yay!

in order to prepare for this morning, i did a small study of 2 John last night. it's only 13 verses, but its message is pretty clear. read it if you're interested:)

well, i'm hoping for a few minutes to eat a bit of breakfast before i leave, so i'd better jet. will write more later.

oh, and by the way, i'm holding off on the revelation of the source of the "that's a COHHHHHSSSSBY SWEATTTTTUHHHHH!" quote until tomorrow in order to give you one more day to ponder this. once again, if you're feeling like taking a risk, e-mail me with your guess.


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