Monday, May 06, 2002

i just had a dream that i met the indigo girls. it was strange. they were all giggly because apparently no one ever tells them how much their music has meant to them. i kept trying to give them an adoremus CD for some reason, but i was bringing back CDs of sara groves and then of this a cappella group from hopkins, the octopodes. so eventually i gave them the CD and they seemed a little unnerved by the fact that it was a Christian group, but were mostly unfazed. while i was talking to them, a bunch of adoremus people and other random Christians from hopkins were sitting a few feet away, and i remembered feeling like i needed to pick one group or the other. i had told emily (of the IGs) how much i have been influenced by their harmonies and the lyrics to their songs which, although rarely about God per se, have definitely affected my faith and how i think about the Lord. she seemed genuinely touched by that and told amy (the other IG) that she needed a hug from me, to which amy replied by giggling. after a few minutes, i left the IGs and began to converse with my friends derrick and angela about their relationship.....the one thing i will say is this: there were a lot of small details in the dream that stood out (this is pretty typical for me) and i recall thinking how odd it was that the indigo girls seemed like they actually really wanted to be talking to me, a total stranger. either way, strange stuff.

so anyway, church was really good yesterday. i really sensed the Lord's presence all throughout the service....and the sermon definitely spoke to some issues that both michael and i have been pondering. God, i'm so grateful that you led us to this place....

monday morning again, people. i need an attack of some serious motivation. perhaps the fact that it's early enough in the day will kick my proverbial butt into some productivity. hmm....will report back at a later time whether i was able to accomplish anything.

till then, enjoy the sunshine:)

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