Monday, May 06, 2002

i just had dinner and i'm feeling some post-prandial sleepiness. this rarely happens after dinner, but tonight, it's all over me...yucko. must re-gain energy....

on a different note, i was out tooling around in my car earlier, and i feel like i came to some conclusions about some things. problem is - i'm not sure what those were. one thing i DO know is this: i need to work on my webpage, because nothing's ever going to get done if i don't do it. that was kind of a no brainer there, but i think it was more for my benefit than yours:)

decision of the day: everyone needs a blog.

by the way, i've only gotten one e-mail back about my movie quote. it was from my sister, and although she had no idea, at least she sent me e-mail about it:) we love people who send us e-mail!!! (this is the royal 'we' talking, of course.) seriously, though, i'm wondering if anyone (other than sammie joy) will know the reference...hmm....i'm intrigued to find out:)

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