Friday, May 03, 2002

i feel very blah right now. so very, very blah. i haven't eaten all day, which really is not contributing to my emotional state. i guess i should fix that situation, since it's within my control, but i haven't been able to make myself ingest anything nourishing. not really sure what all that's about.

anyway, it seems that i'm having trouble getting some new fonts to load into my microsoft programs. in other words, i copied them all into my windows/fonts folder, and they're not being recognized by word, etc. how frustrating! i've tried re-booting, and i even asked the Office Assistant paperclip thingy. that was of NO help whatsoever. the instructions i was given for 'how to install fonts' referred to menu items that simply do not exist. ah well. some things are never easy....that's the way of the world, i guess.

boy does my brain ever hurt:(

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