Friday, May 10, 2002

for those of you who are seriously confused at this point, michael will be posting to this blog as well (see entry below). being close to the blog owner has its privileges;)

seriously, though, i was going to write in here yesterday but frankly, i had nothing profound to say. not that i normally do, but still....okay, seriously, i kind of forgot about it:P oh well.

every SINGLE morning, the phone rings between 8:30 and 9:00. it's the SAME telemarketers calling for sammie joy, although they grossly mis-pronounce her name and refuse to accept the fact that she is never home during business hours. i mean, some people DO have jobs! anyway, i was thinking i would be all smart and turn my ringer off so that they couldn't wake me up for the umpteenth day in a row. problem is i forgot that the printer/copier/FAX machine also rings. MANOHMAN!!! all i wanted was to sleep in past 8:45. that's ALL i wanted!! the next time this happens, they're getting my traditional telemarketer speech. it goes as follows:

'yes, she told me you'd be calling, and she asked me to let you know that she's not interested in your product and to please remove her from your calling list. goodbye.'

one thing i discovered - it's the 'she told me you'd be calling' part that REALLY throws them off...either that, or i'll go for this approach:

telemarketer: hello, may i please speak to {some botched up version of her name}?
me: no, you may not
me: goodbye

they rarely call back after that one either. although if they're really persistent, i'll add the phrase, 'and you never will' after the 'no you may not' part. enough of all that.

my final piece of information that i wish to impart is this: for those of you that are even remotely interested, the movie quote ("that's a COHHHHHSSSSBY SWEATTTTTUHHHHH!") is from the movie 'high fidelity' with john cusack. sammie joy and i give it 2 solid thumbs up. it's classic cusack, hands down.

it's friday, people.....spend the day like you KNOW the weekend's coming.....

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