Thursday, May 02, 2002

12:34 in the morning....whew! time for bed soon....

tonight, michael and i went to the cheesecake factory for din-din and then to see 'murder by numbers' with sandra bullock. a decent flick overall, but more importantly, i realized that movies REALLY affect me sometimes. this is not news to me, per se, but i felt that it re-solidified the information in my brain. basically, ever since i left the theatre, i feel like i have to look over my shoulder for evidence of people killing one another. obviously, i need to better monitor what i watch:)

anyway, another relatively unproductive day here at the old homestead. once again, i wish i could get SOMETHING accomplished that i set my mind to do....i didn't even make it to bible study this a.m., because i just COULD NOT get myself up and out of bed. i wound up sleeping until 11:00 almost. geez. you'd think i was sleep deprived or something:)

bit of advice: if you're going to the cheesecake factory, do yourself a favor and order the bang bang chicken and shrimp (as michael was so smart to do!). holy cow. SO good. i had some honey maple pork tenderloin, which was fine, but nothing compared to the party-in-my-mouth flavors of the bang bang delicacy. cheesecake factory rocks!

oh, and another thing i must say....i am SO sick of 'the iron chef'. i mean, the novelty SO wore off a long time ago, and it annoys me that it's an hour long! i feel that it too often interferes with the more decent and ACTUAL cooking shows on the food network. i just had to throw that in there, although i'm sure most people already pin me as strange for thinking the food network is kool.

eh, what do they know?:)

sleep beckons.....see you in dreamland;)

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