Monday, April 29, 2002

so it's 2:32 on sunday night, and here i am awake.....again. who's surprised, really? frankly, i'm beginning to wonder if i'm actually an insomniac trapped in the body of a person who seems to enjoy sleep. wondering what God will do next in my life definitely is enough to keep even the sleepiest of people awake....

wish i had some insight to provide on anything of interest. one thing i will say - tomato sauce is not my friend right now. it's ALL about acid reflux. yucky:(.

talked with my friend bloomoon (aka jimmy su) tonite via aol IM. miss that kid. miss all my adoremus peops. even the frosh from that year (bloo, kim tang, and che) are graduating now. how old am i?? seek the ever elusive dreamland. such is my quest. goodnight world:)

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