Tuesday, April 30, 2002

okay, another thing. what's the deal with fruit on the bottom yogurt? why didn't i remember that this stuff rocks!? i'm eating some breyer's mixed berry compliments of michael:) thank you.... it makes me remember being 3 years old and watching '3-2-1 contact' with my family on a random evening while having yogurt over bananas for dessert. that was way back in the allentown, pa days. pre-school and life was all good.

i need to start a pro-yogurt campaign. how can anything containing live and active cultures be bad??

i remembered another thing i need to add to my list.

17. scan a TON of pictures in of old adoremus stuff to send to bloo moon for the adoremus webpage. and plus, if i can ever figure how to add anything to this page besides these lover-ly journal entries, perhaps i can stick a pic or 20 up:)

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